The 5 Biggest Technology Companies in Albany

Biggest Technology Companies in Albany

The top tech companies in Albany are making waves. The capital of New York State contains a burgeoning tech sector that is redefining the economic landscape of the city and state. 

Home to some of the most innovative companies in the technology arena, Albany is not just New York State’s political hub but also a growing center for tech excellence. 

“At Acture Solutions, we believe that robust managed IT is the backbone of tech innovation in Albany. Albany’s top tech companies are poised to achieve unprecedented growth and productivity, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements,” ~Gabriel Stacy, CEO of Acture Solutions

This article highlights the top Albany tech companies that are making significant strides in their industries and the vital role of managed IT services in enhancing their productivity and growth.

1. CommerceHub (now Rithum)

  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Size: 300 Employees

CommerceHub excels as a top player in the e-commerce sector, facilitating seamless integration between suppliers and retailers. As a bridge in retail technology, the company helps large retailers increase their online product offerings without additional inventory risks. Effective managed IT services are crucial for CommerceHub to ensure robust, uninterrupted connectivity and transaction processing.

2. GCOM (now Voytaek)

  • IIndustry: Government IT Solutions
  • Size: 250 Employees

GCOM stands out among the largest tech companies in Albany by offering innovative IT solutions that cater to state and local governments. They specialize in creating software that improves government efficiency and citizen engagement. Their products’ complexity and security demands make them highly reliant on reliable managed IT services.

3. SUNY Poly Sematech

  • IIndustry: Semiconductor Research
  • Size: 400 Employees

SUNY Poly Sematech is a research powerhouse in the semiconductor industry, contributing significantly to advancements in nano-electronics. Critical to academic and commercial sectors, their work relies heavily on high-performance computing environments, where managed IT services ensure data integrity and operational continuity.

4. Rational Express

  • IIndustry: Logistics Software
  • Size: 150 Employees

Rational Express provides logistics software solutions that streamline shipping and delivery operations worldwide. Their systems handle vast amounts of data daily, requiring impeccable data management and IT security practices, underscored by their reliance on comprehensive managed IT solutions.

5. InfoEd Global

  • IIndustry: Research Administration Software
  • Size: 200 Employees

InfoEd Global is a leader in developing software for managing research administration, serving academic, government, and private sectors. Their software supports the entire lifecycle of research, making reliable IT infrastructure indispensable for maintaining service quality and client trust.

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The Importance of Managed IT

In the tech industry, where innovation and speed are paramount, having a reliable managed IT service provider is crucial. Managed IT services like those offered by Acture Solutions ensure that tech companies can focus on their core activities while leaving the complexities of IT management to experts. 

This partnership boosts productivity and enhances scalability and security; key components for any tech company aiming to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Table: Overview of Top Tech Companies in Albany

Company NameIndustrySize
CommerceHubE-commerce300 Employees
GCOMGovernment IT Solutions250 Employees
SUNY Poly SematechSemiconductor Research400 Employees
Rational ExpressLogistics Software150 Employees
InfoEd GlobalResearch Administration Software200 Employees

Acture Solutions: Protecting the Top Tech Companies in Albany

Top Tech Companies in Albany

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