Cybersecurity for K-12 School Districts


Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions for K-12 Schools: Secure, Simple, and Budget-Friendly

Secure Your Data. Protect Your People. It’s Time.

Unfortunately, cybercrime isn't just here to stay – it’s here to get worse.

That’s why we’re offering all K-12 schools an opportunity to quickly and affordably increase their cybersecurity. The solution is installing and managing detection and response systems to search for any suspicious activities across all devices on your network. These systems are called Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Transforming School IT: Cyber Security Solutions and Effective Management

Are you struggling with:

  • Technology that works only some of the time?
  • IT issues that take weeks, if not months, to resolve?
  • Difficulty planning for and implementing new, much needed technologies?
  • Overspending and unplanned technology costs?

If yes, we can help with our Managed IT Services offerings:


Fully Managed



Education Cybersecurity and IT Solutions


  • EDR 
  • MDR 
  • MFA

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud security and management
  • Migrations

Network & IT Infrastructure

  • Network security
  • Wired/wireless networking
  • Internet Service
  • Onsite server infrastructure
  • Classroom collaboration

Device Lifecycle Managment

  • Covers all Microsoft, Apple, and Google devices
  • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) to manage your fleet of devices lifecycle

Help Desk Support

  • Unlimited remote support (7am-5pm)
  • Unlimited 24x7 automated support
  • Office 365 account management
  • Device & application management

Custom Co-Managed IT Services Enhance School Cybersecurity Efficiency


Co-Managed Plan

Our customizable Co-Managed IT Services plan, which includes education cybersecurity solutions, engages your existing technology talent and resources. This approach is designed to identify how we can best supplement and enhance your current IT Services with a strong focus on cybersecurity in the educational sector. This ensures that you’re getting all your bases covered while also managing your IT spending.


Want to hear more? We'll customize a Co-Managed plan for your school district.

“To meet our technology needs while also supporting our school district’s educational mission, we contracted with Acture, a third-party technology group. Acture’s done a great job stabilizing our IT environment. They’ve significantly improved our asset management and control processes and automated many routine tasks. It’s clear they place customers’ needs and interests first. What stands out the most in working with them is their integrity.”

Director of Technology
K-12 Public School District

"Acture is very responsive to the needs of our local public school district. They've been strong partners in visioning and implementing innovative technologies, which enables us to move quickly. Acture’s personalized technology services, their expert team, and their responsive support desk gives us great comfort and peace of mind. With Acture’s help, we can continue to articulate our fast-paced technology vision while also keeping our infrastructure safe and sound.”

Director of Technology & Innovation
K-12 Public School District

Frequently Asked Questions About Our K-12 Cybersecurity

Acture Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored for K-12 schools, designed to be secure, simple, and budget-friendly. These solutions include:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Systems installed and managed to search for any suspicious activities across all devices on the school’s network.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): A service that provides ongoing monitoring and response to threats.
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): An additional layer of security to ensure that only authorized users can access the school’s systems.
  • Cloud Solutions: This includes cloud security and management to ensure that data stored in the cloud is protected.
    Network and IT Infrastructure Security: To safeguard the school’s network and its infrastructure, including wired and wireless networking and internet service.
  • Device Lifecycle Management: Covering all Microsoft, Apple, and Google devices and offering Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) to manage the lifecycle of the school's fleet of devices.

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