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Public Cloud Solutions for Businesses and Educational Institutions

Get the agility, adaptability, and scalability that innovation requires.
Public cloud solutions are rich in benefits for a range of organizations. You’ll profit from increased flexibility, reduced costs, more space, better remote work capacities, and built-in disaster recovery options.

Learn how the public cloud can transform your organization.

We specialize in managing, maintaining, and securing these public cloud services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Ease of Use, Reliability, and Flexibility

  • Mobile-friendly access
  • Multi-region backups
  • Offers virtual-network, e-commerce, and database support capabilities
  • Management and monitoring
  • Virtual desktops and VMware Cloud
  • Pay per use

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Classroom Collaboration, Integration, and Transformation

  • Google Classroom enables easy workflow management and real-time progress tracking
  • Uses AI and machine learning
  • Graphical user interface for data integrity and durability
  • Greater project flexibility and at large scale
  • Zero trust model-based security measures
  • Pay per resource use

Microsoft Azure for Redundancy, Low Cost of Entry, and Efficiency

  • Microsoft Managed Services
  • Outsourced server management
  • Build and deploy apps and access them remotely
  • Disaster recovery and monitoring available
  • Quarterly license review
  • Support for O365 and Azure account issues
  • Low cost of entry and cost benefits from shared resources

Our public cloud solutions partners

"Acture is very responsive to the needs of our local public school district. They've been strong partners in visioning and implementing innovative technologies, which enables us to move quickly. Acture is skilled at being nimble and has the resources to complete any complex project – whether its cybersecurity, network-related, or systems related.“

Director of Technology & Innovation
K-12 Public School District

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