Dark Web Scanning Service

Learn if your company’s login details, IP, and sensitive information are present on the dark web

Discover if Your Company Information Has Been Leaked on the Dark Web

Check millions of dark web websites and darknet resources to see if your corporate data is changing hands illegally.

Why choose Acture Solutions for dark web scanning?

  • Discover if confidential information has been leaked, such as login credentials, IP, and customer lists
  • Search millions of deep and dark web websites and resources by leveraging sophisticated dark web scanning
  • Prevent leaks from going unnoticed and minimize the risk of uncontained breaches with proactive dark web monitoring
  • Create customized alerts that warn you if any corporate information is found on the dark web
  • Lower risk ratings and ensure compliance through comprehensive cybersecurity audits

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When 90% of Cyberattacks Start With Phishing, You Need to Protect Your Email

Company email addresses leaked on the dark web expose businesses to social engineering attacks. They also threaten the integrity of the entire corporate network, facilitating unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Our service specifically scans the dark web for leaked company email addresses and associated credentials.

By employing advanced detection algorithms, we identify potential breaches early, alerting your business to these exposures before they are exploited.

Don’t Let Data Leaks Come as a Surprise

Data breaches not only result in the loss of sensitive data but also jeopardize compliance with contractual obligations and regulatory standards. They can expose your business to severe financial penalties, legal consequences, and loss of customer trust

Our service monitors for indications of a data breach involving your business's data, providing detailed alerts that enable you to act quickly.

By identifying the nature and scope of the breach, we assist in formulating a response that mitigates damage and addresses compliance requirements.

Set Customized Alerts for People and Information

When email addresses or sensitive information related to your business are leaked on the dark web, it can lead to targeted attacks, fraud, and identity theft.

Customize your alert parameters to monitor specific email addresses, sensitive information, and other parameters on the dark web.

Receive instant notifications if your critical data is detected online, allowing you to respond rapidly.

Lower Risk Ratings and Insurance Premiums

Our service monitors for compliance with key cybersecurity frameworks and regulations, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.

We conduct comprehensive security stack audits that assess your organization’s compliance with cybersecurity insurance requirements, and industry and regulatory standards

Be Forewarned About Evolving, Emerging Threats

Dark web monitoring can provide insight into emerging threats and attack vectors. It can also help you discover the unique vulnerabilities and threats your industry is facing.

By identifying and understanding your unique vulnerabilities, we develop and implement strategic defenses that address these specific risks, ensuring a robust security posture.

Detailed Features of our Dark Web Scanning Service

Dark Web Scanning Service

Level-Up Your Security Efforts

Transform the dark web's threats into your strategic advantage. Our service enriches your threat intelligence, speeds up threat hunting, and sharpens incident responses.

We transform hidden dangers into actionable intelligence by integrating deep web insights into your security systems.

This streamlined approach ensures rapid mitigation of threats, keeping your business secure and one step ahead.

Leaked Data ALWAYS Ends Up on the Dark Web

If you aren’t monitoring the dark web, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise

Want to Catch Breaches Early? Look in the Dark Web

Beyond compromised credentials, the dark web harbors signals that can alert businesses to imminent threats, from ongoing attacks to vulnerabilities within their supply chain.

Dark web monitoring acts as the proverbial canary in the coal mine, an essential part of a comprehensive security strategy.

It deciphers the chaos of the dark web, identifying risks from unseen corners. Businesses equipped with this insight can swiftly link dark web mentions to broader threat landscapes, enhancing their ability to profile and neutralize dangers.

Dark Web Scanning
dark web scan

Pinpoint the Who, What, Where, When and How of Data Leaks

Dark web monitoring serves as a critical defense mechanism by pinpointing not just the exposure of your data, but also the duration of its vulnerability.

Through constant vigilance, dark web scanning tools significantly narrow the window for cybercriminals to exploit your sensitive information, swiftly addressing breaches to prevent further leakage.

It equips businesses with the foresight of potential breaches, the ability to detect if they’ve already fallen victim, and insights into the identities and tactics of their attackers.

This not only mitigates immediate threats but also empowers businesses with the knowledge to strengthen their defenses against future attacks.


Dark web monitoring involves the continuous surveillance of dark web sites to identify and alert you when your business's sensitive data, such as financial information, email addresses, or proprietary documents, appears online.

Utilizing dark web scan tools, this service proactively searches through hidden corners of the internet, ensuring you're promptly informed about potential breaches or misuse of your data.

It's a critical component of modern cybersecurity strategies, providing an extra layer of protection by monitoring places beyond the reach of conventional search engines.