Data Center

Industry leaders will usher in a new era of massive productivity and widespread disruption driven by real-time data and high-performance computing.
The modern data center is about supporting application visibility, performance, and security.

• Mitigate risk
• Reduce complexity
• Accelerate data analysis

Applications today no longer reside in just one place. 
Massive amounts of data moving to the Edge
Define the edge and drive new business outcomes.

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Deliver high performance, resiliency, and scalability for core workloads and applications.
Converged Infrastructure
Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Integrate compute, storage, and networking into a single platform that’s easy-to-manage.

Secure Application Delivery & Load Balancing is ideal for optimizing application performance.


Data Storage, Backup and Recovery

Protect against user error and cyberattacks so that they do not derail your organization.
Backup all cloud, virtual, and physical workloads

Google and Microsoft do not take responsibility for data loss. Do you?


In this era, data exists and is connected across multiple data centers, the edge, and public and private clouds.

Solutions with built-in automation and analytics
high performance, security, and operational simplicity

Prevent damage from migrating from server to server


Building network closets, server rooms and data centers

• Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
• Ventilation
• Cooling systems
• Fire suppression
• Electric
• Backup generators
• Cabling
• Racks and supporting cable management

Data Center Projects

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